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Striking out!

Written by Andrew Ellis

What's going on with the film & TV industry at the moment!?

Wow... this years been tough eh?

I started this year on a massive high as at the end of 2022 my first lead role in a huge ITV drama staring across from legend and close friend Stephen Graham aired. That's it then right? Made it, didn't I? well that's what I thought.

Sometimes I think the working class lad in me see's every career as a ladder, that structure we are taught at school where you start at the bottom and work your way up. Acting just isn't like that it seems.

kevin bacon protesting with sag aftra

Im not going to lie I thought this year would have been a whirlwind, but the Strikes in the US (Which of course I hope are successful for SAG-AFTRA and the writers, actors and crew involved) have decimated the industry over here.

Im lucky, having built up a good steady career over the years I know I've been in a more fortunate position than most actors to be getting self tapes and the occasional meeting in but nothings landed. nothing. And it bogs me down. yesterday I got the news that another part hadn't gone my way and I did the usual moping around.

actor 'andrew ellis' directing

But then I stopped and re-evaluated, took stock of the things I do have and what I can be doing whilst "Times are Hard".

Im lucky enough to have a great family, three beautiful girls and a supportive wife, and I'm also lucky enough that I have my production company to fall back on and use that working class graft to make beautiful creative videos for some amazing clients.

I really want to get away from this "Im an Actor" mindset. I am an actor but that's what I do, not who I am. Im also a producer, and a bloody good one too! I've worked with some huge clients over the years and with Odd Drawer Digital we've been smashing it and I want to build on that even more! So have a look on our website, check out our showreel and shout me if you think we can help you! because whilst times are hard creativity should never be allowed to die!

*Side note here's a pic of me looking moody as Robbie from the Walk in because why not!

actor 'andrew ellis' playing 'robbie' in ITV's 'The Walk-in'

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