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I don't know the first thing about football! ⚽

Written by Andrew Ellis

Honestly, I don’t. I used to be able to follow it a bit, but I’m talking back when Beckham was bending balls, Giggs was the prince of Wales and Man City were still at Main Road trying to breakthrough.

However, when Louis came up with the idea of the “Exit Games” doc I instantly loved the idea.

To me it's a subject that transcends football, it's a human story that speaks to the inner child within us all. What if we grew up with a dream, and then got to live

a small part of that dream through our teen years only to have it possibly crushed at the very last moment, an age where the world is scary enough without the prospect of not doing the one thing everyone has always told you that you would.

It prays on my own fears as an actor, what if (and it does from time to time) the acting work dries up, what do I do then? I’ve not got a degree, no experience in any other line of work (except pulling pints and answering phones) no real plan B.

I’ve seen success in football from people from my background. Rashford grew up a stones throw from me and look at what that lad has done! But for every mega star premier league player there is thousands who didn’t make the cut. What happened to them?

So when Jay Motty asked if I fancied coming on “The Brew”,again, I was nervous. It’s a football podcast right? Nah, The Brew is more freestyle where no subject is off the table.

We speak about film, Army life and much much more. Enjoy.

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