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andrew ellis actor

Andrew Ellis

Voice Acting Coach

Andrew Ellis is a well-known actor on both the big and small screen, having started his acting career at 15 in the BAFTA award winning Shane Meadows film “This is England”. For more than a decade now Andrew has also carved out a career behind the mic as a voice
actor working in all sectors of industry from commercials to animation and documentaries.

Andrew's previous work / clients include (click for example)

Commercials                                                Doctor Who - Big Finish                    Supertato - CBeebies - Voice of Chilli


Each block consists of 4 1hour 30 min sessions with no more than 10 students. Every block will focus on a different type of voice job from animation, commercial, documentary etc. Students will learn how to find their style, The basics of a home recording setup, receive constructive feedback from reads and receive a personalised, edited audio clip at the end of the block that can be used to build up a voice reel*

*Some kit may need to be purchased separately IE mics estimated cost around £50 (note this is not to us this would be a separate purchase)

mcdonalds signage
bbc's 'doctor who' poster
the character of 'chilli' from supertato
Join Today! A limited number of spaces per block
BLOCK 2 - OCTOBER 3RD - 24th [18:30 - 20:00]

4-week block of virtual classes for £100

Thanks for registering!

Send payment through to:
Odd Drawer Digital
Virgin Money


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