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Unleash Your Voiceover Potential with Industry Experts.

Crafted for budding and experienced artists alike, our personalised training offers a unique opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals.


Within our weekly coaching, for £100, you will:

  • Receive tailored guidance to help you discover your distinctive style that sets you apart

  • Benefit from the wisdom of industry veterans sharing invaluable insights and tips

  • Enjoy a customised curriculum designed to hone your voiceover acting prowess

  • Learn about the inner workings of the voiceover industry and how it differs from acting

  • Receive an edited voiceover clip for your voicereel

  • Cultivate your network with exclusive access to key industry contacts


Transform your passion into a thriving career & join our masterclass block. Limited spaces available.


Georgia May Foote is a recognisable face on screen and her voice is vastly becoming distinctive in the world of voice over. She is best known for stints as a youngster in Grange Hill and for her time on the cobbles on Manchester’s most famous street. Georgia’s voice has been leant to commercials for brands such as Frijj

georgia may foote headshot

Georgia May Foote

Voice Actor Coach

MONDAYS 18:30 - 20:00 (APR)

andrew ellis headshot

Andrew Ellis

Voice Actor Coach

TUESDAYS 18:30 - 20:00 (APR)

ian kenny headshot

Ian Kenny

Voice Actor Coach

WEDNESDAYS 18:30 - 20:00 (APR)

thomas turgoose headshot

Thomas Turgoose

Voice Actor Coach

THURSDAYS 18:30 - 20:00 (APR)

Andrew Ellis is a well-known actor on both the big and small screen, having started his acting career at 15 in the BAFTA award winning Shane Meadows film “This is England”. For more than a decade now Andrew has also carved out a career behind the mic as a voice actor working in all sectors of industry from commercials to animation and documentaries. He has leant his voice to many commercials for brands including Disney, Boots and JD and can be heard regularly as the voice of Chilli in Cbeebies “Supertato”

Ian Kenny has been working in film and TV for over 2 decades his credits include a number of projects from Sing Street, Dublin Murders to the outer rim in Solo: A Star Wars Story.
Ian has leant his voice to a number advertising campaigns on radio, TV and online working with brands such as; SEAT, Subway and Price Waterhouse Cooper.


Thomas Turgoose is one of the UK’s most recognisable faces, Starting his career at a young age as the lead in Shane Meadows BAFTA award winning “This is England” Thomas has gone on to work on some incredible projects such as Kingsman: Golden Circle, Game of Thrones and The Gallows Pole. Thomas has voiced a number of commercials working with brands such as Gordons Gin, American Express and Sky.

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