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ODD has over a decade's worth of experience in creating social content for clients. From commercial campaigns for the likes of Manchester United, Vauxhall and Samsung, to creating simple UGC content for clients like Citreon and Live Nation, we've been there and broken the internet (literally) with UNILAD.

Anybody can shoot and create social content, but not everybody understands it.

That's where
ODD come in. 

Our digital service offers clients everything from social content capture and editing right through to managing a client's social media profiles, where we can provide a marketing strategy, content and continued service to your customers. 

You don't need to understand social, let
ODD do that for you.


iphone social posts
iphone instagram screenshot

For social media management, we operate on a 3-tier system. 

From purely social posting and scheduling right through to creating and operating monthly media days to capture bespoke content for your platforms.

Drop us an email for our tier brochure and pricing.



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